A day-long expert witness course for doctors and dentists in London

If I were to put on a day-long expert witness course in conjunction with a well-respected and time-served expert witness, would many people be interested?

I recently ran a successful day course for dental expert witnesses in York. Feedback was really good and I can nip down to London for the day to do the same for the wider medical expert witness community in clinical negligence?

We would be in a venue close to transport links; refreshments and lunch provided.

If that would be of interest, could you please just send me an email, in confidence, at mike.hill@parklaneplowden.co.uk? If there is enough interest then I'll set it up.

It would really help if you could also click on this link, it will help me design a better day:

What do you want from the course?


We would cover the following:

  • Report writing:

  • Liability & Causation Reports

  • Condition & Prognosis Reports

  • Screening Reports

  • What is breach of duty?

  • What is causation?

  • What is negligence?

  • What are the standards to be met and the tests to be applied?

  • How does Montgomery affect experts?

  • Contributory negligence

  • Part 35 Questions

  • The Expert Guidance (that replaces the old Protocol)

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls

  • Declarations

  • Joint statements

  • Expert meetings

  • Giving evidence in court

  • Cross examination

  • How to get work and agencies

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