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Anyone interested in a day-long dental expert witness course?

If I were to put on a day-long expert witness course in conjunction with a well-respected and time-served expert witness in dentistry, would many people be interested?

I'm thinking the North East or possibly York, near the station, because it's easy for most people to get to?

We could cover the following:

  • Report writing:

  • Liability & Causation Reports

  • Condition & Prognosis Reports

  • Screening Reports

  • What is breach of duty?

  • What is causation?

  • What is negligence?

  • What are the standards to be met and the tests to be applied?

  • Contributory negligence

  • Part 35 Questions

  • The Expert Guidance (that replaces the old Protocol)

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls

  • Declarations

  • Joint statements

  • Expert meetings

  • Giving evidence in court

  • Cross examination

  • How to get work and agencies

If that would be of interest, could you please just send me an email, in confidence, at If there is enough interest then I'll set it up.


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