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The Expert Witness Course is back

Click the image above for more details and to book online.

The course will be 10.00am to 4.45pm on Friday 18 October 2019 at The Principal Hotel, York. Lunch in the hotel is included and tea and coffee throughout the day will be provided. We expect the day to be informal, invaluable and even enjoyable, it certainly was last time. We will do some practical work using real cases to improve skills and knowledge.

Mike Young BA BDS MSc, has written the book you see here, now in it's second edition. Mike is a dental graduate with a wealth of experience working in both general and specialist practice, as well as teaching at undergraduate and post graduate levels. He has years of experience as an independent dental expert witness, acting on behalf of a number of law firms in cases of varying complexity. The first edition of his book, The effective and efficient clinical negligence expert witness was favourably reviewed by the Academy of Experts, who said, ‘This work deserves to become the Vade Mecum for clinicians acting as an expert witness.’ The book is now in its second edition.

Mike is a prize-winning author through his other book, Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan way, which won The Diagram Prize in 2011. This is also in its second edition. Mike has mentored a number of experts, helping them develop new skills, especially in the area of report writing. His multi-discipline background as an MSc level clinician, and history graduate enabled him to approach expert work both logically and, at the same time, in a creative way.

I have read thousands of expert witness reports over the years. I must see two or three a day and I know what I'm looking for and what experts are getting wrong or getting right. I have experience of taking experts through their reports in court and cross-examining them to test their expertise and evidence.

We ran the first edition of this course in March and the feedback was good. We've refined a few things

I think it'll be a great day for both those who are new to expert witness work or for those who just want to get even better at it. And it's a bargain price of £250 with no vat to pay. You can book on the website and pay online. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mike and Mike

A broad overview of the course is as follows:

Morning session:

Opening introductions and overview of course

The legal background and context

Expert witness reports

Liability and Causation Reports

Condition and Prognosis Reports

10-step guide to producing excellent reports

Afternoon session:

Common mistakes in expert reports Case conferences

Expert meetings

Court appearances


Finding work

Q & A session

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