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CPR Geekery: From next week, you need to know this:

Bear with me (or just skip straight to the bit in red below (unless you're reading this through Twitter or LinkedIn in which case it won't show as red)):

From 6 April 2019 Practice Direction 39A (Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Hearings) is deleted.

It is enough to say for now that 39APD.3 (Trial Bundles) is replaced by 32PD.27 which as far as I can tell is identical except for this:

27.14 Unless the court otherwise directs, contemporaneous documents in the trial bundle relied on by the parties or either of them should be assembled as a single unit in chronological order of creation.

27.15 Unless the court otherwise directs, documents in the trial bundle should be copied double-sided. [The last five words are in red for those of you reading through Twitter or LinkedIn]

PS In the White Book First Supplement to the 2019 Edition, at 32PD.27 27.12 (a) I'm pretty sure the reference to Part 3 should be a reference to Part 31.

You're welcome.


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