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Book Review: Facts & Figures 2018/19 is out

One of the favourite publication dates of the year for the PI/clinical negligence geek is the arrival of the new edition of Facts & Figures. It's indispensable as always but it's the Introduction that sets it apart from other legal publications.

Traditionally there has always been an analysis of the rise and fall in the fortunes of Mr Bernie Ecclestone. That was absent last year for the first time since 2009/10 (which is as far as my copies go back). Instead, this year we are treated to a poem about annuities and a joke about the answer to 2 + 2:

A mathematician will answer "4", a physicist will answer "between 3.5 and 4.5", an engineer will answer "4-but say 40 to be on the safe side" and an accountant will answer "What would you like it to be?"

As ever though, it's the go-to book for, unsurprisingly, your facts and figures and it needs to be on the bookshelf of every practitioner in PI and clinical negligence. Or how else are your colleagues going to nick it and leave it in the robing room of some far-flung and God-forsaken court?

Good work Mr Levene and team.

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