CPR Updates 98 & 100

October 16, 2018


Who'd have thought we'd reach the 100th CPR Update? A little cheating has gone on to get us there before our time: the 99th Update has been revoked and replaced by No. 100.


So what's new?  Don't get too excited, but as far as they relate to clinical negligence work, here are the main changes (and some pretty inconsequential ones too) from a first look at the 675-page White Book Second Cumulative Supplement (Sweet & Maxwell):

  • The typo in the Admissions Practice Direction at 7.2 (f) has disappeared.  Where it talked of offers it now talks of admissions.

  • There is a list of matters in which the jurisdiction of the County Court can be exercised by a legal adviser in the Schedule at the end of Practice Direction 2.

  • In a seismic change, the words "Grand Total" are removed from the front sheet of the Precedent H.  

  • Surprise, Surprise, Mrs Justice Yip's two warnings on expert agendas have made it into the White Book commentary upon agendas (see posts passim).

  • And er....that's it.  If anything else crops up, I'll update this page.

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